Ashlyn & Cole

Sugarloaf Country Club


Photographer Love Story Note

This couple is the love story that every photographer dreams of and they're wedding was as well. Ashlyn was effortlessly stunning. A classic beauty. Cole was the dapperest of gentlemen. Their wedding, a dream come true and even I couldn't stop dancing during the reception. To think that this all started at a frat party years ago and brought them here today is incredible!

Here is her side of their love story so that you can see for yourself:

"You know that feeling you get when you're picked first for a team full of people more athletic than you?
That shock and feeling where you're left wondering, "is this a mistake?" That is exactly what I felt when I
read that message from THE Cole Walters. 

I met him Halloween night at his fraternity's house party. Don't let his story fool you, he doesn't remember
meeting me. How could he? I never would have expected him to notice someone like me. I was just a freshman. I didn't know anything about life yet... And he was a "seasoned" well dressed senior with a beautiful face and a Justin Bieber haircut. Come on, ladies.


Throughout my time at Ole Miss I had my share of run-ins with Mr. President. Each time I saw him I didn't know whether to curtsy or to shake his hand and thank him for his service. I never truly had many one-on one interactions with him since we both were preoccupied by our own relationships. I knew nothing about him aside from the fact that he kept those fraternity boys in check and was the most put together man I had met at school. He was the type of guy you bring home to mom.

Years later after my graduation, I had a conversation with God. I let Him know that I did NOT have any time for a man in my life nor did I want one to distract me from my career. The wonderful thing about God is that his sense of humor is far greater than mine. In walks Cole Walters. Yes, THE Cole Walters I was telling you about earlier. Looking back on our relationship, it's definitely easy to see that I made it extremely hard for
him. He claims that I'm stubborn. I don't see it. He took his time learning me and helping me come out from the walls I hid my heart behind. He chased me every time I tried to run from him. I don't deserve him.

It wasn't until I heard him pray for the first time that I fell in love with him. He would always ask me what I was reading in my devotionals so he could follow along as well. It was a week after our first date in Nashville that he asked if we could discuss what we've learned through the readings. At the end of our talk he prayed over us. I remember him asking God to keep us grounded in our faith as we build a relationship. I knew he was The One. Right then and there. Was that terrifying? Absolutely. Did I try to break things off with him because I was scared of the future? You betcha. What kind of sick human tries to break up with their future husband? Me…. The stubborn one he was telling you about earlier.

When I came running home to him after my mother laid the smack down on me, it was smooth sailing from there. Well, not really. We've been through a lot together. So many life events have happened while we've been dating, but he has been constant through the change. We challenge each other like you wouldn't believe. I love to make him uncomfortable in awkward situations and watch him squirm when things aren't  planned the way his OCD mind would prefer them to be. He loves to reel in my sometimes overwhelming
personality and give me what my family considers to be a "much needed attitude check". Both of which are
helpful I suppose.

But one thing I can say we completely see eye-to-eye on is our love for one another. I cannot believe I get the privilege to marry him and love him for the rest of this life on earth. He is everything that I'm not. If you made a detailed list of all the qualities I wish I had but lack, he possesses each of them. Cole Walters is way out of my league and should've chosen any one of those more coordinated athletes before me. I don't know what I did to deserve him, but you can guarantee that I will thank my Heavenly Father every single day for choosing us for each other. So yes, oh shit was right when he asked me to spend forever with him. I get to marry THE Cole Walters."

Wedding Photography:

A Blissful Moment Photography


Event Venue:

Sugarloaf Country Club


Design and Decor:

Southern Hospitality Company


Makeup Artist:

Radiance to Go Airbrush Makeup

Hair Stylist:

Salon and Spa Venessa

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