Britt & Marc


As we sipped cocktails at a local bar and dreamt about the vision for their wedding and engagement photos, I knew it would be epic. Marc and Britt are avid hikers, travelers, and adventurers. They love a good red wine and charcuterie board and are always down for a good time.

We crafted an engagement photo experience that combined all of their favorite things: travel, hiking, wine, cheese, and chocolate. The major food groups, really. ;) Marc and Britt chose to kick off our day with an amazing lunch at Tii Gavo, a divine restaurant at the Enchantment Resort in Sedona. After enjoying a meal (and a cocktail) together, we made the quick drive to Doe Mountain and began our first hike! After reaching the top, Marc and Britt laid out the most perfect picnic. They set out a spread of cheese, crackers, meat, and jam that they've collected from around the world, talk about an amazing picnic! And of course, we had red wine in hand-painted glasses created by Marc. It was next level, babes.


Believe it or not, we not only hiked Doe Mountain, but Cathedral Rock as well! This was my first time hiking Cathedral Rock and it was 100% worth the adventure to the top. Watching the sunset at the top of the rock was unreal. It was the perfect ending to a day of adventuring with Marc and Britt. And you better believe we have some epic photos planned for the wedding day.


Sedona, Arizona

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