Forever in Wonderland


“Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

One of the wonderful things about being a photographer is having the ability to express ourselves through our art, and curate beautiful imagery. I wanted to create something that combined some of my most loved interests with my passion of photography. This is when I decided to design a fairy tale wedding inspired by Alice In Wonderland.

A note from the photographer:  I have grown up a Disney fan (who hasn’t, right?) and one of my favorite films is Alice In Wonderland. I admire how different she is amongst all the princess’ (even though Alice isn’t really considered one) and maybe this is what I loved most about her character. I loved how she wasn’t afraid to be bold, to go outside the lines, and to speak her mind. While in wonderland she comes across things out of the ordinary, people out of the ordinary and she perseveres.

The color scheme of the shoot was a playful variety of Dusty Blue, White, Gold, Coral, and Sage. The designs also included locally grown Ranunculus, Lisianthus and Anemones, that are grown in sunny Southern California of the flower farm, Crimson Sky Ranch, but are shipped worldwide for their exquisite beauty.

FEATURED ON: Our Fall/Winter 2019 Print Issue


Chateau Adare

Dress Designer:

Krustallos Couture Bridal + 

Bridal Salon:

AW Bridal

Hair + Makeup:

Sandy Hillegaart Beauty

Grooms Attire:

Friar Tux

Floral Design:

New Creation Floral

Velvet Ribbon:

Emma Linh

Ring Box:

Lace Byrd


Stephanie Weber Photography

Cake Designer:

CocoaBerry Cake Co

Invitation + Calligrapher:

Sam Allen Creates

Signage Designer:

Olive Mint Shop

Vintage Lounge, Dessert Table & Peony Arch:

Le Petit Jardin Rentals 

Designer Decor:

Birdie in a Barn

Floral Design:

New Creation Floral


BVT Visuals