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What is the Bridal Salon Name?

Grey Pearl a Bridal Gallery

How have you adapted in-store to the ongoing presence of COVID-19 ?

2020 has been unexpected. Is that too predictable of an answer? As a small business, every year you’re working towards a goal to “making it work.” At the end of 2019/beginning of 2020, all signs were pointing to our first real year of business success. So it felt like the rug being pulled out from under me. I didn’t want my brides to get anxious about their dresses, so I spent all of March-May making a lot of phone calls and writing emails. We also offered virtual appointments and a couple of at-home appointments while the shop was closed to keep up with brides and all their shopping needs. Now we’re able to see our brides with minimal changes to the experience.

What is the Price range ?

$1800-$5000; but our sweet spot right now is $2300- $3000

What has been your biggest challenge after opening to the public?

We’ve definitely become more of a therapist for our brides than ever before. It’s not just wedding planning for them. They’ve experienced job loss, deaths of friends and family, illnesses, almost everything that you don’t wish on anyone. I love that they trust us with their feelings, so we worked really hard to be the best listening ear for all of the frustrations they’ve had to deal with over the last year.

What are the three most popular designs on your racks?

1. Fitted crepe; 2. Textured (not traditional lace) A-Line; 3. Graphic lace fit-to-flare

For brides wanting to try on gowns ASAP, can you tell us how you have adapted in- store to the ongoing presence of Covid 19?

We’re open and ready to welcome all the brides! We’re lucky that we’ve already created an intimate space. We work with independent and emerging bridal designers, so we already have great communication with them for our brides. We had a quick learning experience of how to adapt in March 2020, so we feel like we’re prepared for almost anything. Our designers are ready to rush gowns for brides that want to hurry up and plan something quick, or if we can’t make something happen we’re very transparent. But it’s pretty rare these days, which is such a good feeling. We also have acquire some great samples that are available to take with you same day for those last minute brides.

What is it about bridal gowns that gets you all glowy ?

Honestly, it’s not just about the gown for me. There is something special about the emotional connection that you get to make with brides while they’re shopping for their wedding gown. What makes wedding gowns so special isn’t just the fit or the fabric, it’s about the day you wear it. It’s how it makes you feel on such a life changing day. I always want my brides to feel like a magnified version of themselves. They’re celebrating their love and their life, so it should feel good to wear it and feel like it’s part of that celebration, too!

What does an appointment typically look like after COVID-19?

It honestly hasn’t changed that much, except for the mask wearing! We’ve always been open by private appointment only, with inviting smaller entourages. It’s the best set up for a great shopping appointment for the bride. You know that you’re coming in for all eyes and ears on you. There’s no distractions with other clients in the shop. And by encouraging brides to only bring 1-3 guests with them, it allows them to not get caught up in all the opinion noise—love you, mom, sisters, and friends! I promise! Sometimes too many people in an appointment can send brides into a mental spin when trying to make decisions).

What’s new for 2022?

I’m always looking out for new brands and dreaming of bringing them to Vegas. I want to host more trunk shows (one or two weekends showcasing gowns that are borrowed from the designer for a limited time experience) with more fashion forward designers to give brides an opportunity to try and buy gowns that they may not have ever seen otherwise.