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A Timeless Affair



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The Bowery House and Gardens in Katy, Texas, was turned into a gorgeous scenery for a wedding styled shoot themed "Timeless Affair". Step into a world of glamour, style, sophistication and graceful elegance. The setting was adorned with beautiful details that encapsulate the love for simplicity with a mix of regality to inspire the modern day bride and groom with concepts and imagery that can be attainable for their personal wedding day. Centering the shoot around romantic chemistry, stunning details and luxurious colors such as hues of magenta and lilac, this styled shoot proves that the perfect inspiration and well-directed artistic work can create a stunning "Timeless Affair."

The UpperRoom Events, LLC


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Yetunde Ośo


1- Tell us a little bit about you, what you love to do or hobbies

My name is Yetunde Ośo and I am the Founder and Creative Director of The UpperRoom Events. I have my Master’s degree in Public Health and I am also the founder of Infection Control Solutions, LLC. where my company educates professionals in the event industry and healthcare providers on pandemic protocols and evaluates hospital infection control programs. I founded a charitable organization called Pray Now Foundation 501c3, where our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, provide aid and educational resources that liberates children, women and men from the entanglements of poverty.


2- Tell us a little bit about your company.

The UpperRoom Events, LLC. is an international award winning and published event planning company that specializes in sophisticated celebrations that are full of style. The UpperRoom Events offers exceptional event planning and creative design for celebrity events, local and destination weddings, social events, private affairs, and corporate functions. The Philosophy to making our clients happy is simple- – give them a successful event!

3- What is the History behind the brand?

I consider myself blessed because the magnetic pull of entrepreneurship and the encouragement from my friends and family led me to start lucrative businesses. I have always had a desire to be an entrepreneur. As a youth, I started many small business ventures, from selling products to having my fashion designs sold at stores, but I never thought that I would start the businesses I have today.

Looking back, I was always called upon to organize an event or show and after the planning of my mother’s grand birthday celebration. I was encouraged to turn my talent from planning extraordinary affairs into a lucrative business. Hence the birth of The UpperRoom Events, LLC. in November of 2013 where I went from planning small family functions to producing multiple events a year. It was a calling that I could not resist.

I am grateful for the ongoing success of The UpperRoom Events and I attribute it to my faith in God, my hands on approach, the desire to see clients happy and the hard work of my talented UpperRoom team.

4- We would love to adapt an original quote from you for the layout design.

If you don’t have a mission -if you don’t have any goals- if you don’t have a purpose, you’re wasting great potential. So live life with purpose and on purpose.

5- Do you have moments when you feel leaving the industry?

Starting and running a business is not for the faint at heart! In fact, it requires time, dedication and focus. There are times were i thought I would not make it but there are three things that have helped me along the way, and they are:

• Believing in myself and my brand because if I don’t, no one will. I don’t leave any room for negative influences who sow seeds of doubt. Entrepreneurship is not an easy road, but it’s worth it.
• I did extensive research in my business of interest. Along the way, I made some mistakes down the road, but research helped me to get on the right path.
• I never gave up. I believe success is in your hands, and If you give up on your dreams, you’re living a life unfulfilled. I can’t imagine not being passionate about my businesses. I work daily on building my companies. I attribute my strength to trusting in God, having faith in Him, and seeing the big picture.

The COVID-19
With a Masters degree in Public Health I have been blessed to combine my 17 years of experience in health care with 9 years of event planning experience to write a book called, Pandemic Proof Your Event. This book provides essential guidelines for organizing safe events in response to COVID-19. I believe that event organizers must be committed to increasing mitigation measures to combat potential health risks associated with public gatherings.

COVID-19 has made it slightly difficult to plan events but not possible. Love will never fail and even during a pandemic love will prevail. We have learned to pivot during these trying times. Our clients have had to be open minded with their date changes, include health and safety measures such as temperature checks and contract tracing, wearing of masks, providing hand hygiene stations, social distancing, and managing guest count. We have also implemented multiple virtual components. Encouraging our clients during these times has been our number on priority. Every event that we have had so far has been executed with precise healthcare measures in place.

Contact Info:

Phone: 201-500 -7606
Email: Event planning:
Instagram: upperroomevents
Pandemic Proof Your Event Book: The UpperRoom Events - Payhip